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Babe, meet Sonic, your new bathroom bestie.

Skin Sonic is about to revolutionise your skincare routine, making your cleanser up to 3x more effective, and encouraging your skin to glow from within like it never has before.

Get ready to reveal your clearest, brightest, healthiest and most luminous skin:

  • vibrating silicone facial cleansing brush featuring soft medical grade silicone, Sonic is the most effective way to cleanse, firm and brighten your skin 
  • Sonic gently massages and buffs away pore-clogging and blemish-causing dirt, oils, make-up and dead skin-cells more effectively and hygienically than using just your fingers or cloth
  • all the benefits of a facial massage - bringing blood-flow circulation and oxygen to your cells, increasing collagen production which effectively slows the ageing process and reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • skin cells are activated and turn-over more regularly, reducing puffiness and fine-lines, and increasing radiance and natural glow
  • unlike vibrating facial cleansing brushes, you never need to change the brush head, it doesn't stay damp, or absorb any bacteria, so you never use a dirty brush on your beautiful skin
  • suitable for use with any facial cleanser or exfoliator, start slow and strengthen the frequency gradually according to your needs
  • waterproof, light-weight and travel friendly, rechargeable via USB

Use sonic with your cleanser for 1 minute morning and night to reap the benefits and get gorgeous, glowing skin.

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